Chemical Cleaning and Oxygen Cleaning


PVF Sales Opportunities

Keith Industries began business over 50 years ago offering chemical cleaning and oxygen cleaning services to the pipeline, chemical and refinery industries.  These services were developed and offered due to the need for effective cleaning of pipe and fabricated parts installed in hydraulic, lube oil and critical gas systems.

Utilizing state of the art proprietary cleaning solutions and processes, Keith Industries has been successful in performing cleaning above and beyond the quality and effectiveness of typical hydroblasting performed by our competitors. Carbon steel benefits from our cleaning, descaling and oiling (pickle, oil and cap POC) for hydraulic service and lube oil service.   In addition, pumps, impellers, etc. benefit from extended service life following thorough cleaning and repair.

Carbon steel and alloys such as stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium etc. can be cleaned for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, ammonia, chlorine, helium and various welding and medical gasses.  This is critical to prevent auto ignition of oxygen when exposed to contaminants and eliminating the need for field cleaning.   

When you are looking for potential pipe sales opportunities, do not pass up these projects as Keith Industries is here to provide your chemical and oxygen cleaning requirements.