Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE)

Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE)

FBE is a thermoset polymer coating that’s applied to cleaned and heated piping, leaving a tough, flexible, and long-term barrier that protects against corrosion in any environment.

The Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coating system is a thermosetting resin designed for application to heated steel surfaces.  It is applied in the form of dry powder at thicknesses ranging from 300-1,000 microns.  Once applied and fully cured, the FBE film exhibits an extremely durable surface with excellent adhesion to the steel substrate. FBE offers a high degree of chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, and will not shield cathodic protection.

FBE can be applied as a single layer coating for corrosion and chemical resistance, or as a dual layer coating for high temperature or mechanical toughness.






Food handling


refined products



Environmentally safe

Minimal waste

Consistent and fast application

Appropriate for internal and external use

Benefits of FBE:

FBE cure time is typically less than a minute

The quality and integrity of the anti-corrosion coating is maintained throughout the pipeline

Requires no mixing

An automated application reduces the risk of human error

Optimum coating in all soil types

Does not shield cathodic protection

Not susceptible to soil stress,

Powders available for high temperature service and abrasion resistant overcoats (ARO)

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