About The Company


Keith Industries is a leader in providing industrial chemical cleaning, abrasive blasting and specialty coating services to the petroleum, chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, specialty gas, hydrogen peroxide as well as other industries.

Since it’s evolution in 1966, Keith Industries. has specialized in metal surface treatment and coating. We have adapted the latest technology in cleaning and coating, to assure you of the highest available quality at a reasonable cost.

At Keith Industries, we strive to provide optimal services to our clients along the Gulf Coast area and the South. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and they will provide the best results on every job that our company complete.

Our technicians are skilled and trained to tackle assignments on all kinds of jobs. We have the tools to meet the highest of industry needs. Industries rely on proper metal surface treatment to ensure that they can focus on their jobs without worrying about the functions of their product.

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